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Auditory Orientation

Davis® Auditory Orientation

Auditory Orientation
This tool is provided to all clients who can tolerate headphones.   (If a client is unable to tolerate wearing a headset, please see the information on the NOITT below.)

How Does It Work?

AIts function is to support an individual while they learn to establish a stable orientation. It cannot cause this directly, but by putting an auditory stimulus in the same place at frequent intervals (every eight seconds) for long periods, the person learns to keep their attention in one place. By keeping their attention in one place, they can accurately perceive the world around them from that place. When they can do this, we say that the person is “oriented.” Once the person can create and maintain an oriented condition, all of their perceptions will be functioning in harmony. This, in turn, removes the chaos from the environment and allows the person to function from a single perspective.

What Does It Help With?

  • maintaining focus and attention

  • following instructions

  • social skills

  • receptive and expressive language skills

  • balance and hand/eye co-ordination

  • decreases impulsive and negative behaviors

NOIT (Natural Orientation Inducing Tool)
For non-verbal Autism and/or those who can not tolerate headphones:  The purpose of the NOIT™ unit is to support an individual with Autism who lacks the receptive or expressive language skills needed to follow verbal instructions.  It assists them toward a state of orientation.  It is a beginning step used to prepare them for a full program.

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