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Executive Functioning Programs


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Program Structure

Program Structure

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Rocky Point Academy's programs are detailed and thorough, ensuring a client receives a positive, enlightening, and life-changing program. Every Executive Functioning Program goes through the following steps:

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Online Video Seminar

Online Intake Forms





Identity Development

The development of important Life Concepts




Support Training




Learning Readiness Tools

Self Development & Awareness



Implementation & Social Interaction

Theory of Mind

Types of Relationships

How Relationships Work

How to make good choices within those relationships

Discerning healthy from unhealthy relationships

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Program Elements

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The Programs provided at Rocky Point Academy get to the root of executive functioning/focusing challenges.  The principles behind the tools provided enable the clients to be better prepared and capable for life's challenges.

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Program Elements

Learning Readiness Tools

Self Development & Awareness



Participant Led & Flexible

Engaged & Authentic Learning

Transferable Learning



Common Characteistics

Auditory Orientation


Common Characteristics

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Anyone can experience and/or exhibit some of these behaviours from time to time. For someone struggling with Executive Functioning/ADHD however, they are usually “the rule, rather than the exception.”
The following list includes behaviors, feelings and attitudes that are commonly experienced by individuals with ADD/ADHD/EFD. Also, consider whether these characteristics are present across multiple situations: at home, at school/work, at play, or in social situations. If you find that you exhibit 15 or more of these symptoms and they are affecting your life in multiple areas, it is time to take a closer look. Please call and we can help you find solutions that capitalize on your strengths.

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How Concept Mastery Works
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How Concept Mastery Works

For example:

No matter how thoroughly we understand riding a bicycle, the understanding of it won’t keep us from tipping over the first time get on the bike.  Mastering riding the bike requires that we get on the bike and ride it. We have to create it in the real world in order to master it.

​The question is: how can we master a concept? We can't get on it and ride it around. But, we can create it in the real world. When we make the concept in clay what we are doing is creating that concept in the real world.

​When we create the concept in clay, and then add what the concept looks like and what the concept means, we have created that concept in the real world. That concept is mastered. To learn more on how clay can alter behavior- click here.

For those struggling with executive functioning/attention, creativity is an essential part of the learning process.  Mastery of developmental concepts requires creativity.

To maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of learning, Rocky Point Academy utilizes clay to master these concepts. The science shows us that this process allows an individual to do more than memorize information, creating the concept in clay allows your mind to perceive the information as a part of your subconscious thoughts and behaviours.

Program Results

Program Results

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Three months post program, clients were asked to evaluate the various benefits of their experience from Rocky Point Academy.  They rated each section as: Greatly Improved, Improved, or Not Improved. The results are overwhelmingly positive with the vast majority claiming the individual parts of the program helped them improve greatly.

Clients from 100 consecutive programs at Rocky Point Academy answered a series of exit questions pertaining to their program experience. These clients were asked if they agreed with these statements:

  • The program was of great value to them.

  • They improved greatly as a direct result of the program.

  • They will definitely recommend it to other individuals.

One hundred percent of clients agreed with all three statements.

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