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Young Learner Program

Davis ® Reading Program for Young Learners

To provide young children with an introduction to tools for attention/focus and self-regulation, to learn the alphabet, and use techniques to acquire primary level pre-reading and reading skills. This program provides parents or other family members with the knowledge and experience to continue to support their children’s learning during the early school years. It is a simple, easy, and fun alternative to pencil-paper activities and drill exercises.

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Appropriate for children age five to seven and older children with significant developmental delays. Note: Children of this age who are already exhibiting dyslexia symptoms or reading anxiety may require some steps and program time beyond those outlined below.

Length of Program
Approximately 30 hours, typically given over the course of 10 half days, and up to 6 hours of follow-up consultation included without extra charge. A parent will be present for half of the program.

After working with a facilitator, the child and the parent will know how to use techniques to control attention/focus and energy level. As well as learn techniques for beginning reading skills, and knowledge and experience with learning methods for mastering words and language symbols, the child will have mastered the alphabet and basic punctuation marks.


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Focusing Skills
Tools and techniques used to create a mental state that is present, aware, and ready for learning.

Self Management Skills
Sustained attention, focusing, following directions, communication, and relieving of stress/anxiety.

Symbol Mastery
Mastery of the alphabet, punctuation marks, and basic sight words through clay modeling (utilizing the visual, kinesthetic, and auditory modes of learning). Mastery of basic sight words, spelling, pronunciation (sound), and meaning of the most common words encountered in reading K-3.

Reading Exercises
Mastery of word recognition and comprehension by providing simple, step-by-step methods that are safe and non-threatening for instructing students in word recognition and comprehension. This reading method can be used alone or as a supplement to a phonics program.

Kinesthetic Balance & Catch Exercises
Strengthen the neural pathways for learning and focusing, making a dramatic difference for children who are struggling with fine-motor or gross-motor skills (printing, sports, coordination).


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  • Inconsistency in reading (knowing it one day and not the next)

  • Guessing at words

  • Rushing and careless reading errors

  • Fatigue, anxiety, headaches, dizziness, stomach aches or tears caused by difficulty with reading

  • The sensation that printed words appear to move on the page

  • Lack of comprehension

  • Slow, laborious sounding out of each word

  • Reversals

  • Eye-tracking problems

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Young Learner Program Tools

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Davis® Symbol


Neural Network





Erasing Negative



The Programs provided at Rocky Point Academy get to the root of learning challenges.  Each client leaves with a “tool box”  The following are a list of tools that may be provided.

Hover over an image of a tool to see the description.

Click an of the pictures below to see a larger version of the tools' descriptions.

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