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Math Program

Davis ® Math Mastery

To provide individuals with an understanding of basic logic concepts that underpin all mathematics and to master basic arithmetic functions. This includes counting, understanding numeral symbols, place value, arithmetic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division), fractions and decimals, multiplication, and division. Additionally, the program can address tasks such as telling time, using a calendar, using money, and balancing a
checkbook. Higher math may be addressed depending on the client’s goals and age.

Appropriate for children age eight or over and adults of any age.

Length of Program
Approximately 30-48 hours, typically given over the course of five to eight consecutive days, and unlimited hours of follow-up consultation included without extra charge.

At the end of the facilitated portion of the program, the individual will have learned all of the mental focusing tools and become comfortable using them. The individual will have an improved ability to regulate attention/focus, correct perceptual distortions, and gain knowledge and experience with learning methods for mastering mathematical language and symbols. The individual will have a solid grasp of basic concepts for understanding and learning math, as well as a thorough understanding of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division principles.

Our program emphasizes understanding rather than memorization. Math is mastered through concrete, ‘real-life’ experience before it is transferred to pencil and paper. Students are taught sequentially, from a very basic level and build from there. Gaps in their background knowledge are filled by using this approach.


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Core Conceptual Knowledge
Mastery of the underlying building blocks of all math: change, consequence, time, sequence, order, and understanding of the base ten system.

Math Symbol and Language
Identification of signs and their meaning (e.g., +, -, x, <, =, >, %), and understanding of the meaning of vocabulary used in mathematics.

Retention of basic math facts through mastery, recollection of the steps for math problems (such as long division or algebra), and mental math.

Cognitive Development
Appropriate correction of numeral reversals, aligning numerals in columns for calculation, and noticing operation symbols (+,-,x,÷).

Word Problems
Accurate reading of word problems, understanding what the problem is asking, capability to sort out important information from extraneous information that is not essential for solving the problem, and ability to implement a plan for solving the problem.

Positive Thinking
Maintenance of a relaxed mindset that allows for maximum learning potential, recognition and elimination of stress before it builds into frustration while doing math, strategies for decreasing test anxiety.


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• Inconsistency or ‘careless’ errors
• Tendency to count objects inaccurately and get a different result each time

• Propensity to punch information into one’s calculator wrong (getting a different answer each time)
• Numeral reversals
• Misalignment of numerals in columns for calculation
• Misreading/missing operation symbols (+,-,x,/)
• Problems with place value (remembering to carry or borrow, lining up decimals, etc.)
• Dependency on memorization instead of understanding
• Anxiety, headaches, dizziness, stomach aches from math
• Struggles with understanding word problems
• Fatigue
• Knowing the answer but unable to show work

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Erasing Negative





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Math Program Tools

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The Programs provided at Rocky Point Academy get to the root of learning challenges.  Each client leaves with a “tool box”  The following are a list of tools that may be provided.

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Click an of the pictures below to see a larger version of the tools' descriptions.





Davis® Symbol


Neural Network Development


Davis® Concept Mastery



Hover over an image of a tool to see the description.

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