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Attention Program

Davis ® Attention Mastery Program

To provide individuals with the tools and understanding required to overcome problems commonly associated with ADHD (attention deficit disorder, with or without hyperactivity) or executive function difficulties. These include sustaining attention/focus, organization and time-management, getting along with others, understanding/following rules, and managing impulsive behaviours.

Appropriate for children age 8 through adults.

Length of Program
Approximately 5 days. This program can be provided on its own or supplementary to another program.

At the end of the facilitated portion of the program, the individual will have learned all the orientation and self-managements tools and become comfortable using them. The individual will have mastered a set of foundational life concepts and explored their importance and relevance for achieving success in life. Self-awareness of the causes of disorientation, the ability to focus, and ability establish rapport with others will improve. The individual The individual will have knowledge and experience with self-management tools for resolving confusion, changing behavior, and creating order. Parents and significant others should understand that the responsibility for incorporating these tools into daily life remains with the individual receiving the program. The tools cannot be used to force changes in the behavior of an individual who is not willing, or who does not desire to make such changes.

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Retaining focus, listening comprehension, following directions, keeping track of more than one thing at once.

Energy Management
Awareness and control of hyperactivity/hypoactivity, how energy levels affect learning, social skills, communication and performance, tools for rest/sleep.

Behaviour Management
Ability to sees one’s own self at the cause (rather than blaming something else), strategies and tools to positively affect one’s own behavior, understanding of consequence.

Social Skills
Tools for making/keeping friends, awareness of cause and effect, accurately perceiving one’s environment, personal space, following a conversation.

Executive Functions
Keeping track of time, completing things on time, following instructions, sequencing, working memory, decision-making, organization, motivation, goal setting/planning/following through.

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  • Distractibility

  • Daydreaming

  • Impulsivity

  • Procrastination/uncompleted projects

  • Chronically being late or too early

  • Disorganization

  • Struggles with following verbal instructions

  • Foggy headedness

  • Wiggling/tapping/chewing or other consistent/involuntary movements

  • Inappropriate social interactions

  • Problem behaviors

  • Struggles when communicating with others

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