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Program Results

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Rocky Point Academy was established as an in-home tutoring service in Bremerton, Washington in 1998. Rocky Point Academy then incorporated and moved to Calgary, Alberta in 2000, where it became a learning center and continued to achieve a 97 per cent success rate. The primary programs implemented (Davis Dyslexia Correction Programs®), were established in 1985 and are offered in over 30 languages and over 40 countries, making it the most widely used dyslexia correction program in the world.

The following statistics have been gathered from 360+ consecutive reading programs. The reading level was measured at the beginning and end of the basic five-day program.The average improvement shows an increase of 3.96 grade levels.

The reading level was measured using the Ekwall-Shanker Reading Inventory. This measures word recognition as well as comprehension when reading both silently and aloud.

Our experience is that clients continue to improve as they work with the tools they’ve been given during the week. Since we are correcting, rather than giving coping mechanisms, the tools can be used for a lifetime of self-correction.

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