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Rocky Point Academy

Every client is capable. Every struggle is resolvable. Every goal is attainable.

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What We Do

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At Rocky Point Academy, we have been providing successful, one-on-one learning sessions to children and adults for over 20 years.


We offer 30-hour programs in reading, writing, math, focusing/ADD/ADHD, executive functioning, and autism.


Whatever your learning ability, we will help you gain tools and skills to obtain academic success and increased confidence – inspiring lifelong learning.

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Our Beliefs & Mission

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Every client is capable

Calgary school for learning disability

We empower our clients with an understanding of how they learn.

Every struggle is resolvable

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We give clients the strategies and tools that fit their learning abilities.

Every goal is achievable

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We enable clients to apply their new skills to all future learning and life experiences.

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Who Benefits

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Rocky Point Academy’s programs meet each client’s specific needs and goals in the areas of:

•  Reading and Comprehension
•  Writing
•  Math
•  Focusing and AD(H)D
•  Executive Functioning
•  Autism
(more information available)

We address a wide range of learning differences including: enrichment, remediation, and previously diagnosed. As long as the client is willing and motivated to resolve a learning problem, Rocky Point Academy can personalized tools for their success.

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