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Modes of Learning & How they Can be Combined in One Program

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

Dr. Glasser is an internationally recognized psychiatrist who has been studying learning for decades. He states:

We learn…Clay mastery techniques address all modes of learning 10% of what we read 20% of what we hear 30% of what we see 50% of what we see and hear 70% of what we discuss 80% of what we experience 95% of what we teach others.


The steps of Davis Symbol MasteryTM, provided at Rocky Point Academy, include all modes:


The definition is read, displayed visually and then the word is written in clay under each model.


Each part of the model is verbally identified by both the facilitator and the client.


Visual models of concepts are created and viewed by the client. Charts or diagrams are used to supplement learning as needed.


Discussion is used to guide the client towards discovery and creation of each part of the model, until complete understanding is achieved.


Clients create the meaning in three-dimensional, real world clay models and then find examples in their environment.


The client teaches the concept back to their facilitator to clarify complete mastery.

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